Hinken by Per Sundstedt for Kostalampan, Sweden. 1970’s


33 cm
34 cm

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The shape of the top of the lamp with it´s distinct handle gives the lamp it’s name, as “Hinken” translates to “The bucket” in swedish.

Designed by Per Sundstedt for Kostalampan and then later Ateljé Lyktan when they bought up Kostalampan and Per Sundstedt started to design for them.

This lamps are unmarked but have by repute been hanging in a dancing venue in Bergsjö, between Sundsvall and Hudiksvall in the mid-northern part of Sweden, since the 70’ies.

Some paintloss, scratches and dings as expected. See pictures as part of the description.

Rewired with a matching textile flex.


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